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Joe Friel

More on Overtraining

Yesterday I received an email from a female pro cyclocross racer who shall remain anonymous. She described what certainly sounds like overtraining. It’s hard to be certain, as I’ve written about here and here. But I’d be willing to bet that she has indeed pushed herself beyond her natural limits,...

The Triathlete as Fast Marathoner

The following is an article I wrote for a magazine sometime back. Here I lay out how to prepare to run a fast marathon. Of course, “fast” is only relative to your ability, goal, experience, training, and confidence. This training plan is primarily intended for the triathlete who wants to...

The "All New" Cyclist's Training Bible

I recently finished writing a "somewhat" new book—The “All New” Cyclist’s Training Bible. The original version was published more than 20 years ago. It had been edited three times over the years. Last year my publisher suggested it was time to edit it yet again. I balked at that as...

Sleep, Part 2

I apologize for the long gaps between posts to my blog. Even though I am now retired from one-on-one coaching it seems there’s still never any time for writing here. But one thing I seldom pass up in the daily bustle is sleep. In Part 1 on this topic I...

Sleep, Part 1

I’m now retired from hands-on coaching. It was challenging work for thirty-plus years, mostly because there was never a break. All of the athletes needed unwavering attention whether I was on vacation or not. Yet I still tremendously enjoyed it and, in a sick sort of way, now miss the...


Launching with confidence at Casco Bay

Cooler temps and rain made for ideal SwimRun conditions on the coast of Maine for the third edition of this race that will be called Cole Classic moving forward.

Disc Brake Primer - Part 1

We cover the basics of disc brakes for road and tri. What can you expect? Do they perform well? How must your maintenance routine change?

The inaugural Swedeman Xtreme Triathlon

This new XTRI World Tour event started in Ã, Sweden at 5am and from that point on the 185 starters got to experience strong winds, a challenging course and stunning views.

Stunning pics from Ã-loppet

The Ã-loppet SwimRun in Sweden was first run in 2011 and then had 100 teams, but this year apparently over 700 teams challenged themselves in this fast growing sport.

Overall Age Group Man â€" Justin Lippert

Lippert won the Olympic distance-Sprint distance overall double at the USA Triathlon AG Nationals.

Pre- and rehab for triathletes


Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Andreas Carlsson tvåa i Europacupen för juniorer i Riga

Under söndagen gick Europacupen för juniorer i Riga med tre svenskar på startlinjen. Frida Nöu på damsidan, Andreas Carlsson och Daniel Nöu på herrsidan.

Domarutbildning i Stockholm 23 augusti

Förbundets domarutbildning ger dig fördjupade kunskaper i reglementet som du har nytta av både som funktionär och tävlande. Utbildningen är cirka fyra timmar lång och följs av praktik på en tävling. Ta chansen att gå!

Fleetwood och Sandör redo för Europamästerskapen

Ludwig Fleetwood, Race & Shine Sports Club och Gabriel Sandör, Terrible Tuesdays Triathlon Club I morgon fredag kl. 17:00 svensk tid går starten för herrarna på Europamästerskapen över Olympisk distans i Glasgow. Med på startlinjen har vi två svenska herrar, Gabriel Sandör och Ludwig Fleetwood.


Brownlees to race Beijing International Triathlon

Alistair and Jonny to compete in Chinese capital in September

Ross Edgley breaks sea swim world record

British adventurer becomes the only man in history to have swam so far for so long

How does endurance sport affect your digestive system

Understanding how your body works is crucial if you want to perform at your best Sports nutritionist Stephen Smith explains how endurance sport affects your digestive system

How much aerobic swimming should you include in your training programme

220 swim coach John Wood explains how much aerobic swim training you should include in your training

Hilly Ironmans how should you pace the run

Got a hilly Ironman coming up and wondering how to cope with hills on the run leg and how you should pace it Scott Findlay triathlon coach for the Hartree Jets has this advice

Cody Beals

Watt does it take? A powerful look at pro 70.3 riding

What does it take to win a professional IRONMAN 70.3 race and set the fastest bike split? How do these races play out in terms of tactics? Throughout my pro triathlon career, I’ve shared power file analyses after many of my best performances. To help answer these questions, I’ve collected brief analyses from ten notable … Continue reading Watt does it take? A powerful look at pro 70.3 riding

Video Recaps: Wins at IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria & Eagleman

Just hours after a disappointing race in Monterrey, I decided to deviate from my season plan with the last minute addition of IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria. The only two other times I’ve impulsively added races both led to wins (IRONMAN 70.3 Ecuador & Challenge Aruba), so I went with my gut. Monterrey had shaken my confidence, but I had … Continue reading Video Recaps: Wins at IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria & Eagleman

Video Recap: A Win at IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan

I surprised myself with a win at IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan in my season opener and my first time racing in Asia! I felt a huge weight off my shoulders with a tumultuous year finally in the rearview mirror. I had a blast traveling with my friend Leslie Smith and our Taiwanese-American sponsor Bliiq treated us like royalty. Here’s my … Continue reading Video Recap: A Win at IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan

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